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EM Bokashi Powder is fermented organic material made from EM, molasses, water, rice bran and sawdust. It is used for the conditioning of soil which has been contaminated by chemicals and can also be used for the...
Grow Bags (5 pcs) Grow Bags (5 pcs)
Limited special offer

SGD20.90 SGD40.00
Made with high-quality non-woven fabric. With built-in handles for easy movement. Wear-resisting, highly tear resistant, easy to clean, can be used repeatedly. Keep your plants cool in the summer.

Green Spade Organic Potting Mix commonly known as compost soil or black soil, a medium consists of Organic premium compost (fine grade), organic matters and top soil specially mixed together.     Pre-mixed and ready...
EM Composting Bin 19L EM Composting Bin 19L
Limited special offer

SGD90.00 SGD128.00
The EM Composting Bin (Large) for food waste is a new design of EMRO. Some of the benefits of the new design are that the bin now comes with a handle, this allows users to carry it with ease as compared to the current...

VersiCell is a lightweight, high strength structural drainage module manufactured from recycled plastics designed for sub-surface drainage where a high capture and discharge rate of water. Size: 50 x 50cm

EM.1 is a liquid bacterial product made mainly of three groups of bacteria: Yeast, Photosythetic Bacteria and Lactic Acid Bacteria. EM.1 works together with local and native beneficial microbes, creating a synergy...

Lecca also known as Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregates. These clay pebbles ensures good root aeration and prevents many soil-borne insect pests. It can be used as a top dressing to conserve moisture loss and prevent...

Christmas Special Bundle includes:     1x 5L GS Organic Potting Mix     1x 5L GS Vermicast (Fertilizer) Suitable for any plant lovers!
SABOTEN Pruning Shear (1350) SABOTEN Pruning Shear (1350)

Pruning shear is a type of scissors used on plants. Commonly used to prune hard branches or trees, shrubs, sometimes up to 2cm thickness. Curved blade made of top grade stainless steel. Small type spring. Teflon-S...