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Planting Substrates

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Cocofibre can be used as a mulch to insulate soil surface from both frost and heat, as well as to repel caterpillars, slugs and snails to a great degree. It is suitable as a pot liner for indoor and greenhouse plants...

Vermiculite is a form of mineral rocks with high water holding capacity. It is brownish gold coloured and lightweight. It improves soil aeration while retaining moisture. Ideal for germinating seeds and growing bulb.

A natural and non-toxic volcanic rock that is lightweight and a microporous medium. Perlite can be used to improve aeration.

Lecca also known as Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregates. These clay pebbles ensures good root aeration and prevents many soil-borne insect pests. It can be used as a top dressing to conserve moisture loss and prevent...

It is useful soil amendment and has an acid pH with light and fluffy texture, added with plants extract organic matters so it’s ideal for germination and topping with up existing soil.

An environmentally friendly growing medium for all your indoor, gardening and potting uses. Cocopeat holds water longer for less frequent watering, and is free of bacteria, weed seeds and harmful chemicals. It can be...

Rice Husk is used to improve the aeration of soil. It can be mixed with Green Spade's premium compost or potting soil for use.