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A natural and non-toxic volcanic rock that is lightweight and a microporous medium. Perlite can be used to improve aeration. Size: 2mm to 4mm
Grow Bags (5 pcs) Grow Bags (5 pcs)

SGD25.00 SGD40.00
Made with high-quality non-woven fabric. With built-in handles for easy movement. Wear-resisting, highly tear resistant, easy to clean, can be used repeatedly. Keep your plants cool in the summer. Size: H35cm x D25cm

An earthworm is a segmented worm that is shaped like a tube shape and has an average lifespan up to 6 years. It has an average length of 8cm but has also been known to grow up to 35cm. A fascinating characteristic of...

EM Bokashi Powder is fermented organic material made from EM, molasses, water, rice bran and sawdust. It is used for the conditioning of soil which has been contaminated by chemicals and can also be used for the...

VersiCell is a lightweight, high strength structural drainage module manufactured from recycled plastics designed for sub-surface drainage where a high capture and discharge rate of water. Size: 50 x 50cm
EM Composting Bin 19L EM Composting Bin 19L

SGD99.00 SGD128.00
The EM Composting Bin (Large) for food waste is a new design of EMRO. Some of the benefits of the new design are that the bin now comes with a handle, this allows users to carry it with ease as compared to the current...

Vermiculite is a form of mineral rocks with high water holding capacity. It is brownish gold coloured and lightweight. It improves soil aeration while retaining moisture. Ideal for germinating seeds and growing bulb....

Cocofibre can be used as a mulch to insulate soil surface from both frost and heat, as well as to repel caterpillars, slugs and snails to a great degree. It is suitable as a pot liner for indoor and greenhouse plants...

Lecca also known as Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregates. These clay pebbles ensure good root aeration and prevent many soil-borne insect pests. It can be used as a top dressing to conserve moisture loss and prevent...

Made of high quality see-through mesh material. Suitable for use as insect netting for safe and effective barrier to protect your plants from insects, birds and animals. May also be used to lay the bottom of pots to...