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Coco pith is a highly nutritious and hydrating growing medium that meets all of the moisture and nutrient requirements of the growing seeds. It also boasts a high air retention capacity, which provides enough oxygen...

Compost tea helps suppress foliar diseases, increases the number of nutrients available to the plant, and speeds the breakdown of toxins. The direction of use: Please add 1 part of Compost to 10 parts of water. (1:10)
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Biodegradable material - Environmental friendly Colour: Zen Grey Elegant design Suitable home and office decoration Suitable for indoor and outdoor gardening Available in 1 size: Item Diameter (cm) Height...

Pumice Stone  14L Fine Grain Pumice stone is a type of porous volcanic rock with high drainage and aeration properties. It can be used as a medium for alkaline loving plants. It can also be mixed into the soil to...

Akadama Soil 赤玉土 16L Fine grain Akadama (赤玉土 akadamatsuchi, red ball earth) is a naturally occurring, granular clay-like mineral used as soil for bonsai trees and other container-grown plants. It is surface-mined,...

Neem Fertiliser is organic manure and the by-product of Neem Kemel oil production, used as a natural fertiliser. The physical appearance of the Neem Fertiliser will be as flakes or powder.  Dual function as fertilizer...
BABA Garden Deck (DA9015) - Faux Grass BABA Garden Deck (DA9015) - Faux Grass

Get yourself a grass-like deck, without any hassle. Faux grass patch! -Resistant to Moisture& Humidity  -No Fungal for Bacterial Contamination Risk  -Easy Clean with Detergent and Water -Stable, No Warping &...