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Certified organic product can be used on Ornamental, Turf and Home Garden. Easily Water Soluble Protect plant from cold and insects. Protect plants from the attack of insects in the dormant stage of the plant....

Protect plants from the attack of insects in the dormant stage of the plant. Dilute before use. (Display image is for reference purposes only, neem concentrate is black in colour)
Bio Protect 500ml (Fungicide) Bio Protect 500ml (Fungicide)

SGD10.00 SGD15.90
GS Bio Protect is an organic certified fungicide. Organo-Mineral Fungus repellent is a recent concept in which organic extracts and natural minerals used in combinations to control plant fungus and improve immunity of...

Neem Fertiliser is an organic manure and the by-product of Neem Kemel oil production, used as a natural fertiliser. The physical appearance of the Neem Fertiliser will be as flakes or powder.  Dual function as...
Bug Shield 500ml Bug Shield 500ml

SGD10.00 SGD15.90
GREEN SPADE BUG SHIELD is an organic certified broad spectrum botanical insect repellent and effective plant food. It is a combination of various plants and animal extracts. It constitutes approved organic inputs as...
Green Spade Xmas Bundle Green Spade Xmas Bundle

This seasonal bundle consists of: 1. Green Spade Veggies Mix 20L (Soil-less planting medium) x 1 QTY 2. Green Spade Nutri Yield 500ml (Organic Fertiliser) x 1 QTY 3. Green Spade Bio Protect 500ml (Organic Fungicide) x...