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A high tree pruner is the best choice for pruning smaller or higher branches, no more wobbling on a ladder. They are lightweight, easy to handle, and will not leave you with a sore back. The long reach keeps you clear...

Easily pick high and hard-to-reach fruit using the M10 Fruit Picker. Cuts small branches holding fruits and hold them subsequently. Lightweight aluminium telescoping handles up to 3-metre long. Say goodbye to fruit or...

A hand tool shaped like a hoe with the blade at an acute angle to the handle, also known as mini changkol. Commonly used to loosening soil or scraping up weeds. Made of hardened tempered steel blade and wooden...

This fulcrum weeder is designed to extricate tap-rooted weeds without cutting them off. It has a shallow, sharp "V" notch that grabs the root by its shoulders. And it has a semi-circular bend just behind its tines...

A gardening tool with a thin metal blade that you use for weeding is an example of a hoe. Made of hardened tempered steel blade and wooden handle. Length: 14"

A weed cutter is used for cutting weeds or trimming grass and often utilizing a rotating nylon cord as the cutting blade. Made of hardened tempered steel blade and wooden handle. Length: 11.5"

A hand cultivator is a gardening tool that is used to turn the soil where you plan on planting and for removing weeds. In small flower or vegetable gardens, it can also be used like a small plough to dig the planting...