City Composter Kit


Description: Everything you need to start composting your kitchen scraps with the City Composter. No smell, no flies, and simple to use. The Starter kit is just $69 and includes the full system: 1 x City Composte Bucket (only black lid in stock) 1 x City Composte Compost Accelerator composting spray Bucket Capacity:

Material: Made from recycled plastic.

Size: 8 litres 

Bucket Dimensions: 23cm diameter at top(base is smaller) and 27cm high. 

Care: Avoid chemicals. Any organic cleaner can be used to clean the bucket, or you can also use water mixed with vinegar or lemon juice.

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City Composter – 4 Easy Steps

There’s no need to rack your brains to figure out the ratio of greens and browns, no need to monitor the temperature of the compost, no need to turn and aerate the composting pile and most of all, there’s no odour and pests to deal with in the first few weeks if done right.  In 4 steps, your kitchen scraps can be turned into compost within an average of 6-10 weeks as compared to several months using other composting methods techniques.

Step 1 – Throw waste into composter

Make sure to cut or chop your food waste into small pieces. This fermentation process also allows foods that are traditionally not accepted in other compost bins and worm farms: meat, seafood, dairy, cooked food, citrus peels, onions and garlic.

Step 2 – Apply the citrus spray “accelerator”

On a daily basis, squirt a few sprays of the accelerator which is a natural citrus-based EM solution to inoculate the fermenting process. 

Close the lid tightly to not only create an oxygen-free environment for the EM to thrive, but also the odour out and pests away.  

Step 3 – Drain away the leachate

For the science geeks out there, the process of anaerobic respiration produces lactic acid and other organic acids and water as by-products. This results in the leachate called Bokashi tea or compost juice, which has to be drained regularly (ideally on a daily basis) so as to keep the moisture content in the system in balance. The Bokashi tea is not only acidic but also holds some of the beneficial microbes from the system and thus can be either used to water plants (after dilution of 1:100) to boost the soil life or poured down the drain as a sewage cleaner. 

The food scraps should be left to complete the fermentation in 2 weeks while the liquid is drained away.

Step 4 – Bury in soil

The fermented scraps can be further broken down to make compost in 4 to 8 weeks through various methods:

  1. burying in soil if you have a garden or making your own soil factory if you live in an apartment, both of which do not require any maintenance for the duration.

  2. for apartment-dwellers would be vermicomposting which is more of a challenge as it involves worms.

Regardless of the composting methods that you use, what can be harvested at the end is exceptionally valuable compost which is not only full of nutrients but also teeming with soil life.

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