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Organic Pesticides

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A proven natural formula to eradicate and control fungal disease on plants. Lime Sulphur is a mixture of calcium hydroxide and sulphur - A gardening essential.

Protect Your Plants with Organic Pesticides in Singapore

For many homes in Singapore, there is a growing interest in growing their own vegetables and fruits. However, as relaxing and therapeutic as gardening can be, it comes with one common problem that stresses many out - pest infestation. Yet, it is hard to prevent insects such as grasshoppers, spider mites, aphids, whiteflies and mealybugs from finding their way to your garden space. This is why organic pesticides come in handy in helping to deter these hungry little insects from your plants.

How to Tell if Your Plants need Extra Protection from Pests

Did you know that some insects can kill your plants from the root and not necessarily through its leaves? There are some tell-tale signs that your plants are in danger of a pest infestation:

  • Holes in your foliage are a sign of common insects like grasshoppers, caterpillars and beetles. They are capable of damaging your plants if left unchecked.
  • A change in your leaf colour indicates the possibility of a fungus attacking your plant and one way to deal with this is by removing the infected leaves.
  • Stunted plant growth could be a sign of root mealybugs or aphids lurking in your soil. It is crucial to replace your soil as soon as possible since mealybugs in particular can breed quickly.

At times like this, you can easily buy your organic pesticides from online suppliers in Singapore and save your plants in time. With organic pesticides, you can deter these insects effectively.

Buy Your Organic Pesticides Online with Greenspade today

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. At Greenspade, we aim to make gardening easy and a joy to everyone in Singapore. Our Greenspade Neem Oil foliar spray, for example, is ready-to-use and suitable for your agriculture needs to protect fruits and plants from the attack of insects during the dormant stages of the plants. It also protects bulbs from grasshoppers, spider mites, mealybugs, and other insects when plants are sprayed with neem oil. Keep scrolling to view our selection of organic pesticides today.