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Biodegradable material - Environment-friendly Elegant design Colour: Zen grey, White Suitable for indoor and outdoor gardening. Suitable for corridor and balcony gardening.

Biodegradable material - Environmental friendly Colour: Cotta Elegant design Suitable home and office decoration Suitable for indoor and outdoor gardening Available in 2 sizes: BI-202: 16.3cmØ x 8.5cmH BI-203:...

Easy to grow popcorn is a nutritious treat. This is also the best choice if you want to try growing baby corn to use in stir-fries.

'Edamame' is a large-seeded type of soybean that is eaten as a green vegetable. It is both highly nutritious and a delicious taste treat. It is prepared by boiling or steaming the pods for 5-10 minutes, then cooling...

 Burr gherkin, gooseberry gourd, maroon cucumber An heirloom vegetable from Africa that crops abundantly. The fruit is about the size of an egg and is covered in edible 'spikes'. The flavour is similar to a mild...

'California Wonder' is a heavy producer of bell-shaped sweet capsicums; the fruit is thick-walled with a crisp, mild flavour. The fruit can be picked green or red. It is nutritious, high in Vitamin C and ideal for...

The Golden Detroit is the ultimate savoury golden beet with delicious greens! A colourful beet that won over gardeners with it’s the sweet but milder flavour. Golden Detroit’s vibrant orange-yellow colour makes a...

Traditional Italian gourmet beet, with attractive rosy pink skin outside, inside has striking rings of red and white. Pickle and slice thinly or use raw. Use the tops in salads.