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Buy Soilless Mix | Organic Potting Mix for Indoor Plants

Soilless potting mixes are great for indoor plants as they do not contain soil or dirt. Indoor plants thrive in soilless compost mixes because they cut down on all the risks of disease and pests that usually affect regular soil. Succulent potting mixes are especially best for plants like cactus or mint. Plants thrive more in a healthy mixture of organic compost mix because it allows for better water retention and aeration. Another one of the key advantages of soilless mixes is that they are available at very affordable prices.

Ways to Get the Best Out of Your Soilless Mix

  • Empty the soilless potting mix directly from the pack into the pots. Then, plant your succulents and indoor plants into the mix.
  • Ensure that the potting mix for indoor plants remains a few inches below the top of the pot.

 This is because you’ll need room to water the plant in a way that prevents an overflow that will cause

 the mix to wash out onto the floor.

  • Make sure the soilless mix is firmly packed around the plant, but avoid packing it too tightly as there

needs to be room for aeration around the roots.

  • Water the plants generously. Once the water is settled down, you’ll get an idea of how the plants

sit and adjust in the potting mix.

Buy Greenspade Organic Soilless Mix

Nothing brightens up a room quite like a host of plants and flowers. With the right type of soil potting mix, vegetable potting mix and proper care, your indoor plants and vegetable garden will continue to grow and add to the beauty of your home. Check out our exclusive range of cacti and succulent potting mix and soilless potting mix for indoor plants.

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