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Revamp Your Garden | Flower Pot Stands in Singapore

If you are a plant lover, you’ll probably love having the freedom that flower pot stands offer you. Allowing you to place your plants anywhere at home, they can double up as the perfect solution for that little empty corner in your home. Coming in a variety of styles, flower pot stands are not just nice to look at but also serve a functional purpose. Have a relatively large plant that is sitting at the edge of your window, and you fear it tipping over? Why not put it on top of a flower pot rack? Perhaps you fear insects on the ground crawling up the edge of your pot and chewing off your beautiful blooms. The height of a plant stand will add space between the floor and your plant.    

Nice-Looking Things to Put Your Plants On

Find yourself hoarding more and more plants over time? Rather than covering every square inch of your floor and tables with pots, placing your indoor plants in flower pot stands will make your home look more visually appealing and tidy. Seamlessly transforming your plants into centerpieces, flower pot stands like the iron BABA will surely make a dramatic and lasting impact. But more than a decorative accessory, flower pot racks will give your plants the much-needed space to grow optimally. Rather than being clustered with other plants and competing for growing space, a good pot stand lets your plant thrive. And let’s not forget how easy it will be to clean around your pots. Forget lugging your heavy pots from one corner to another for your routine wipe-downs.    

Shop Flower Pot Stands in Singapore

At Greenspade, our flower pot stands are made of iron. Strong and lightweight, this durable material can be moved around without much effort. Designed with a strong and long-lasting wire structure, you can rest assured that our range of flower pot racks will be able to bear the weight of your plants. With options like the BABA hanging pot stand, you will also be able to hang your plants in the balcony or other gardening areas to improve the plants’ access to sunlight.

Have your eyes set on one of our flower pot stands? Add them to your cart and enjoy free delivery across Singapore for orders above $40.