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As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. What better way to protect your plants than with organic pesticides? They are the best means to maintain your indoor and outdoor plant health without any harm from chemicals. Conventional pesticides are full of chemicals which are toxic and can cause damage to plants and humans as well. They can release toxic vapors leading to health issues or breathing problems. Organic pesticides protect plants for a longer time, meaning you don’t need to spray your plants as often as you do in case of chemical pesticides. Pests don’t develop a resistance to organic pesticides because of their biological composition.

The discovery of organic products for gardening like organic potting mixes, organic gardening soils and compost fertilisers and organic pesticides have revolutionised the gardening supplies and products industry. You now have healthier, more affordable, and environmentally safe products to maintain your plant’s health. Organic pesticides also do not deteriorate the quality of soil, and are perfect for both potted plants with soilless mixes and garden soils.

Greenspade Organic Pesticides & Products in Singapore

At Greenspade, we aim to make gardening easy and a joy to everyone in Singapore. It is also our aim to encourage people to opt for environmentally sustainable gardening practices. We believe that urban spaces in Singapore can be made more beautiful and healthy with the use of indoor plants sustained wholly by organic products and organic soils. Our Greenspade Neem Oil foliar spray, for example, is ready-to-use and suitable for your agriculture and gardening needs to protect fruits and plants from the attack of insects during the dormant stages of the plants. It also protects bulbs from grasshoppers, spider mites, mealybugs, and other insects when plants are sprayed with neem oil. Keep scrolling to view our selection of organic pesticides in Singapore today!

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