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The Greenspade Range of Organic Potting Soil 

Presenting our speciality range of potting mixes suited for succulents and indoor plants of all varieties. Cactus and succulent mix is ideally suited for succulents like cacti because the origin of such plants are usually dry and arid places with scarce rainfall. Thus, their roots tend to rot in normal garden soil due to the excess water contained therein. The stems and leaves of cactus plants retain water for several days or even weeks, eliminating the need for frequent watering. The best  potting soil for vegetables, indoor plants and succulents are nutrient dense and organic and thus able to sustain the plants for long on their own.

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Buy Potting Soil in Singapore

Potting soil is available in various compositions and types; it can be confusing for beginners to make a suitable choice. The potting mix can contain various ingredients according to the plants’ variety. cactus and succulent mix should sustain the plants by retaining moisture and nutrients, and draining off any extra water. When you buy soil for plants vegetables herbs succulents  it is always better to choose organic potting soil /mix because it quickly drains excess water yet retains nutrition for the roots of the plant.

If you are wondering where to buy potting soil in Singapore, look no further. At Greenspade, we specialise in potting mixes, seed starter mixes, potting soils for vegetables, succulents, indoor plants and plant pots. The group of specialists that form our company love nature and we are passionate about creating green, beautiful and clean living spaces in Singapore with healthy plants and gardens. Our premium quality organic potting soil, soil enhancer and garden soil are made of natural matter like peat moss and humus thus promoting optimum microbial activity; and leading to healthier, disease free plants.

Explore the details of our potting soil, organic fertilisers, composting kits, indoor live plants, and place your order NOW! Buy garden soil and potting mixes worth $40 to get FREE standard delivery in Singapore.

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