In the recent years, houseplants have never been more popular! Pop them into charming pots to add glamour and breathe life into your space. Indoor plants can be used as accent pieces, to mellow areas or to create a certain expression. More than mere aesthetics, plants are believed to be good for well-being, and help freshen the indoor air.

On this note, a word of caution – dead plants don’t make the ideal décor. But fret not, at here, you will find 3 top care tips and all the products your plants need to remain healthy and pleased.

1. Right potting mix

Selecting the suitable potting soil / mix is the first step to having insured indoor plants. You want to select a premium mix suitable for indoor growing. Ideally, the mix should avoid compost or tree bark which have the risk of nursing indoor plants pests like fungus gnats. Mixes containing cocopeat and/or peatmoss have better ability to hold water at adequate amount. Other substrates such as perlite help improve aeration and drainage.

2. Watering

Hold on! Before feeding them water, it is crucial to be cognizant that excessive attention for your indoor plants can backfire. Always check to see if your plant babies actually need a drink before watering. We stick to the no fuss way of checking the moisture level by placing finger directly in the soil. If your finger comes out a little dry, bring in the water. They have a better chance at survival if they have been a little under-watered rather than being over-watered.

3. Fertilising

Most premium potting soil / mixes should include slow release fertiliser that will release nutrients to nourish plants. While an indoor plant potting mix that includes fertiliser will provide the basics after potting, your indoor plants will flourish with a little more love and care.

Feeding every two to four weeks will keep your indoor plants lush and, if they flower, blooming freely. There are many options to choose from – from immediately available nutrients to slow releasing fertilisers. An indoor plant liquid or water soluble fertiliser is the most effective way to introduce immediate nutrients which are readily absorbable. We’ve made it really straight-forward for you with Nutri-Yield Spray. It’s ready to use! It contains a balanced blend of NPK, ocean minerals, fulvic acid and plant growth booster. What your plant babies get are optimised growth and better immunity against diseases.

About four to six months after purchase or repotting indoor plants, when the fertilisers in the soil are exhausted, apply a fresh dose of slow release fertiliser to maintain a balanced soil biodome. For this, our top choice is Organic Vermicast – odourless and gentle to both your plants and you!