You’ve been thinking about it for some time and have finally decided to start gardening as a hobby. However, you’re not sure on how and where to start? In this post, we’ll go through some basic yet important gardening tips with you, so that you can start this hobby with confidence and enjoy the process of it all. From deciding where to locate your plot to knowing your gardening tools, you can be assured that you won’t be left high and dry, which can be quite bad for your plants as well!

As we go through these gardening tips with you, it might seem daunting at first. But here at Greenspade our aim is to educate and share the joy of gardening, and we assure you that gardening as a hobby is very rewarding. Even more so when you see the fruits of your labour; quite literally in fact if you are planting seeds such as Cherry Tomatoes or Savour Melon! So, without further ado, let us begin!

Pick the Right Spot

Choosing the right place to start gardening is very important, as multiple variables can affect the results of your attempts. The right spot to start gardening is one of the most important points to take note of, so pick a sunny spot. Most plants need six to eight hours of direct sun daily, however there are indeed a few plants that will tolerate some shade, but that is an exception rather than the norm. Afterall, sunlight is one of the main requirements for photosynthesis

Proper Soil Conditions  

If you often find water pooling in your plot or pot of soil, you’ll need to do something about it. Plots or pots of soil with poor drainage will cause your plants to develop root rot due to the abundance of moisture. This will prove to be problematic as the roots help to anchor the plant, absorb water, nutrients, and minerals as well as store food. In addition, if your soil is rocky, do try to remove as many of these rocks as possible, as they will interfere with the growth of your plants’ roots.

Get Proper Gardening Tools

A fork as a rake and a spoon as a shovel will not cut it. The bare minimum for you to invest in are gardening supplies such as a proper shovel and a pair of gardening gloves, things that are easily purchased in Singapore. However, there are other gardening tools that will most likely be on your shopping list when you get into the thick of things. Items such as pruning shears to make trimming cuts, pressure sprayers to make the watering of your plants more evenly spread out, or even a fulcrum weeder to remove weeds fully without cutting them off. But to really start you off proper, we recommend our Beginner’s Gardening Kit which will help kick start your hobby with all that you need from the get go.

Fertilise But Never Over Do It

Even if you have quality soil to begin your gardening, your soil in due course will be less fertile as your plants absorb the nutrients, hence the need for fertilisers. However, there’s one mistake that you should never make: the bad habit of being over generous with the usage of fertiliser. We understand that you’ll want to see your plants grow fast and healthy, but more haste equates to less speed. When too much fertiliser is added to the soil, it will result in fertiliser burn. Fertiliser burn is when the salts found in the fertiliser draw moisture out of your plants, and this results in the yellow or brown discolouration of your plants as well as root damage. 

Learn To Compost

Being interested in gardening will naturally lead you to the idea of being green as we endeavour to mitigate the effects of global warming through our daily activities. Composting happens to marry the idea of being green with your gardening as it helps reduce waste. Uneaten food that is turning bad as well as fruit peels can be composted and adding that into your soil will make it ideal for plant growth. It’s natural fertiliser for your plants after all! 

There are numerous gardening tips to help you start this gardening hobby of yours, but the one main tip you should always bear in mind as a beginner is to keep it simple! Never ever complicate the process, and as you try things out, you too will also grow in experience. One final bit of advice, stock up on the basic gardening supplies you need to make things easier for you. Check out our extensive list of gardening tools to help you start your gardening journey right!