Cactus & Succulent Potting Soil specially formulated for cacti and succulent growth with added slow-release fertilizer. GS Succulent mix is uniquely formulated with the optimal composition of inorganic and organic...

Green Spade Organic Vermicast is the end product from the process of composting Earthworms’ humus. Now comes in a Limited Edition FUN pack too! Size: 5 Litres (Approximately 2.4 kg) NEW Mini Limited Edition Pack...

Neem Fertiliser is an organic manure and the by-product of Neem Kemel oil production, used as a natural fertiliser. The physical appearance of the Neem Fertiliser will be as flakes or powder.  Dual function as...
GS Veggies Mix 20L GS Veggies Mix 20L

SGD16.80 SGD19.80
GS Veggies Mix is a natural means of growing edibles using peat mix. It consists of a fine mixture of substrates and organic fertiliser which do not have any soil content in it. Rest assured, the peat used in this mix...

GS Chicken Manure is naturally packed with the three major plant nutrients - Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K) - your soil needs to grow hearty, healthy plants. It can be used on vegetables, flower beds...

Our Organic Premium Compost is a soil conditioner that is broken down by microorganisms (fungi) from horticulture waste and bi-product of chicken manure composted through an anaerobic process by a complete digester in...

Green Spade Rich Soil Enhancer is rich in humus and thus allows you to speed up the process of humus formation in your soil.  It is organic in nature and the microorganisms inputs which contain high levels of humic...

Green Spade Organic Potting Soil commonly known as compost soil or black soil is a medium that consists of organic premium compost (fine grade), organic matter and topsoil specially mixed together.     Pre-mixed and...

Start Planting with Gardening Supplies in Singapore

Gardening - one of the most rewarding hobbies to give a try. Like many nature lovers in Singapore, you will get a sense of achievement from gardening, watching a seed grow under your care. You will be putting your heart and soul in, so all the more you want to ensure you are on the right track to enjoying the fruits of your labour. But before you get to that, there are some supplies you will have to stock up on first online or in-store.

If you are new to gardening, it may be confusing since you are starting from scratch. You have yet to get familiar with the various gardening tools and services available in the Singapore market. To help you out, take a look at some of the gardening supplies you will need when growing plants in Singapore:

  • Seeds: Have you decided on what you want to plant? While you have a wide variety of herbs, vegetables and fruits to choose from, it is recommended to start with easy-to-grow plants if you are a beginner. Ultimately, the type of plant will act as a guide for the other necessities you will need.
  • Soil: Depending on where you are starting your garden, the soil makes a difference when it comes to ensuring that your plants grow well.
  • Pots: If you lack space in your home to plant your seedlings in the ground, you will also have to get a pot that’s most suitable for your plant size.

Shop Online - Get your Gardening Supplies here in Singapore

We know how exciting it is to get started on something new like gardening. This is why at Greenspade, we make it easy for you to shop for the organic fertilisers, soil and gardening products that you will need to cultivate your green thumb. On top of that, if you need extra help, we also provide landscaping installation/maintenance services such as tree transplanting and irrigation. Start shopping with Greenspade today!