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Planters for Your Plant | Plastic Flower Pots

Starting your own garden and tending to your indoor plants necessitates many gardening essentials. Starting from the basics, you will obviously need the right seeds that will grow into a range of fruits and vegetables. Potting soil, fertilisers and gardening tools are some of the other must-haves when trying to get your bare soil to transform into a lush garden in a few months. But to cultivate a space that will bring you a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment, you’ll need to have all the garden pots in place. Just like how healthy soil lays the foundations of making any gardening project a success, flower pots are just as critical for good results.

Choosing the Right Pot for Your Plants

While many would assume that the process of selecting the right pot is only a matter of aesthetics, the flower pots you choose have a direct impact on how well your plants will grow. Affecting how much water will be available for your plants to slurp up and the amount of space your plant will have to grow, nothing beats having your seedlings sprouting in a garden pot that allows them to thrive. Here are a few things to consider when searching for the best flower pots:

1. Size

There is a reason why specific plant varieties require larger pots. This is because of the amount of space they will require to develop new roots optimally. Depending on the plant type you plan on growing, be sure to choose a pot that is at least 2-inches larger in diameter than the current size of the plant. But be wary of choosing pots that are too large as this will cause the soil to dry, increasing the chances of root rots.

2. Material

Clay and plastic flower pots are some of the most common pot materials. Plastic garden pots, like the ones available on our online platform, are not only lightweight and affordable but also come in a variety of colours. Ideal for indoor plants, these pots can easily be accompanied by accessories like pot racks since they do not weigh much. In addition, our pots are predominantly made of biodegradable plastic, ensuring their durability, shock resistance, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

3. Your Lifestyle

Can’t seem to keep up with the tight watering schedule? Balancing your hectic lifestyle with the regular watering required to grow your plant optimally can be a challenge. But fret not! At Greenspade, we carry a range of self-watering planters! Garden pots like the Tramontina triple self-watering planter only require its water storage compartment to be topped up so that it can do all the regular watering for you.

Shop Plastic Gardening Pots & More Online

To ensure your plants can find their ideal home, Greenspade is a one-stop, easy-access online platform for all your garden pot needs. Catering to the needs of all green living supporters and nature lovers in Singapore, we’ve got you covered with our extensive online catalogue that includes everything from plastic flower pots to seed starter mixes. With no minimum order applicable, add your favourite pots and other gardening essentials to your cart and enjoy free delivery for orders $40 and above. If you need help choosing the right pot for your plants, feel free to get in touch with our specialists